The modern self-service machine was born in the age of industrialisation. Inspired by the first postcard machines while on a study visit to the US, the German chocolate manufacturer Ludwig Stollwerck set about realising his idea of filling coin-operated machines with product samples and sweets. When he returned, he designed the first vending machine, ‘Merkur’, in 1889. Four years later, 15,000 units were already in circulation.

1889 – From then on, the new ‘Automatie’, or selling via automatic vending machines, proved extremely popular. Inspired by his success, Stollwerck also developed vending machines for selling tickets, perfume, soap and matches. The oldest coin-operated machines in Austria are now exhibited in Vienna’s Prater Museum.

2022 – More than 130 years after the birth of the ‘Merkur’, the carefully designed ‘Aumat’ vending machine from Austria Manufaktur® can be found wherever people want to experience the best that Austria has to offer.


Its design is an homage to this period in the 19th century: the ‘Belle Époque’. The era’s innovations and new trends were reflected on city boulevards, which were lined with Litfaß’s advertising pillars and Stollwerck’s ‘silent salesmen’.

With the AUMAT machine from Austria Manufaktur®, the world of vending machines celebrates the return of the exquisite.

These are two possible themes for the vending machines, depending on location or occasion:

Aumat > AUSTRIA MANUFAKTUR: Premium Austrian products with a proud history. World-renowned brands that truly represent Austria. Mouth-watering memories, culinary specialities and gifts that give lasting pleasure.

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Aumat > HOFLIEFERANTEN: Exclusive products with a tradition going back at least 120 years. The Purveyors to the Imperial and Royal Court supplied the monarch’s court in the Austro-Hungarian Empire and thus form part of Austria’s history.