Traditional Austrian companies and manufacturers make an important contribution to local culture. More committed to professional ethics than to purely market-based maxims, they produce high-quality work that offers meaning and fulfilment in itself.

The idea of presenting nothing but the best products from selected well-established companies is not new. It can be traced back to the ‘mother’ of all manufacturing networks: the community of artisans known as the WIENER WERKSTÄTTE (Vienna Workshop).

Until the late 1920s, this union of artists was regarded as Europe’s leading seal of quality and it set new standards worldwide. Its focus lay not just on functionality, but also on collaboration. It was a conscious antidote to characterless, factory-made mass-market goods.

Inspired by these ideas, Austria Manufaktur® (Austria Manufactory) is carrying this vision into the present and automatically giving new direction to old values – in the truest sense of the word:



The automated vending machine has a tradition just as notable as many of the products selected by Austria Manufaktur®. It began more than 130 years ago >>

Nowadays, the ultra-modern ‘Aumat’ vending machines from Austria Manufaktur® can be found wherever people want to experience the best that Austria has to offer: in the country’s top hotels, at high-profile conferences and events, in selected shops and department stores.

If you want to treat yourself or someone else to world-renowned premium products, you’re sure to find the perfect item in an Austria Manufaktur® Aumat. Integrated touch-screens not only serve as digital shopping carts, but also provide useful information about the selected companies, their values and their product portfolios. This information can also be accessed via smartphone in the user’s preferred language.

Old values, new direction. The Austria Manufaktur® vending machines blend and merge tradition and modernity seamlessly – in keeping with the mantra: ‘The world gets better when we support those who are already making it better’.